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3 Crucial Mistakes Wedding Photographers Make – Perth Wedding Tips

When it comes to your wedding day, there’s certain things that are out of your control such as a sudden weather change, and there’s things you can control, like choosing the right vendors that will help you create the perfect day.

Today we are looking at three big mistakes that wedding photographers make that not only impact their reputation but much worse, may result in an unhappy married couple.

1. The equipment

A wedding photographer is responsible for not only creating a great experience on the day but memories for a lifetime, and while they may have great intentions and are nice people, using the wrong equipment or even worse, not having backup equipment in the case of emergency could end in disaster.

A good wedding photographer will always have spare batteries, spare SD cards and most important, more than one camera. Ideally, your photographer will have two or even three cameras. This will ensure that if a camera happens to brake, you won’t be getting your professional wedding photos from a phone or iPad.

It will also ensure that all the moments of your wedding are captured, and your photographer won’t be busy changing lenses during important times.

2. Poor Time Management

Imagine you are starting the preparations for the day and you want to make sure those moments are captured. All of a sudden you get a call from your photographer asking what time everything starts and when would you like them to join.

The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is giving your photographer time frames and directions. Make sure they have the plan and are aware of all the details. A good indication for their time management habits is during the interview process. If you arrange to meet and they are late, perhaps they are not the right photographer for you.

Time management is also crucial straight after the ceremony. Depending on how the day was planned, you are likely to have about two hours between the ceremony and the start of reception to take some great photos. A lot can happen during that time and it is crucial your photographer not only manages their time accordingly but knows what the overall plan is.

A few things to consider would be where will the photos be taken, how long do you have, will the bridal party be joining?

All this should be planned ahead to ensure the rest of the day does not become an overwhelming confusion. If a photographer is on their own schedule and not interested in any other detail, it could end in a disaster.

An experienced wedding photographer will be able to help you plan accordingly and one of the best ways to do that is to have the day entirely mapped out and include every detail, including what time you want your photographer to be there.

3. Does your photographer know the location?

The day is going perfect, everybody is happy, and it’s time to capture some images of just the two of you. You arrive with your photographer to the desired location, they start capturing some nice moments, but you feel like you want more, perhaps in a location nearby. All of a sudden, the photographer realises they have actually never been in that area before or checked it out prior to the big day.

A good wedding photographer will familiarise themselves with your wedding location and surrounding areas. Your time to capture perfect shots should not be wasted on a photographer searching for areas and testing out locations. You want to be sure they know where they are and make the most of the limited time you have.

While there’s plenty more to chat about and things to consider for your wedding day, those are three mistakes wedding photographer make that could easily be avoided.

For any further questions, reach out to Sev’s Weddings and I would be honoured to provide you more information.

Congratulation and all the best for your wedding day

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