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Bride To Be? Here Are Four Wedding Planning Tips

First and foremost, Congratulations!

There’s nothing more beautiful than hearing of two people committing to a lifetime together and embarking or their journey.

Whether you were expecting the proposal or you were totally surprised by it, take a moment for a few deep breaths and enjoy these special times.

As a wedding photographer, while I love chatting to both the bride and groom to be, I often find myself in fairly deep discussions with brides when it comes to the planning of the big day.

As a result, over the years I have collected some of the most memorable points of discussion, allowing me to share some valuable tips with brides to be.

So, today we are looking at four tips for brides when planning the big day.

1. It won’t happen yesterday

A number of brides I have met in the past have been thinking about their wedding for a while. So, naturally when the planning begins, they have many of the details already in their head.

While knowing what you want is great, it is crucial to pace yourself. Of course, it all depends on how big or small your wedding will be but even the smallest of weddings require some planning.

Dedicating every minute to planning the wedding may seem like a good idea but one of the worst things to do is to compromise your wellbeing and health.

For example, the last thing you want to do is start sleeping 4-5 hours a night because you are spending every other minute planning. You don’t want your wedding to come at the cost of your health so the best thing to do is to first understand that it simply won’t happen yesterday. Meaning, it is always recommended to build a timeline as a guide but don’t try and do everything at once.

Not only can that be overwhelming but also extremely unenjoyable

2. Who’s wedding is it?

While no doubt it would be mostly out of love and the desire to help, planning a wedding may also mean that you get opinions and advice from those around you. Of course, each bride is different.

Some brides would love all the advice and tips they can get from family and friends, some don’t want to

Surround yourself with positivity when planning your wedding.

talk about it with anybody, while others turn to online resources and wedding expos.

Whichever bride you are, if needed, set the boundaries and expectations early on. The last thing you want to be doing is getting into arguments and awkward discussions about the wedding day.

This of course goes both ways. If you do want people involved, likely all you need to do is ask. After all, people love planning weddings.

3. Experience counts – trust the vendors

This is one to remember for all size weddings. Whether big or small, you are likely to be dealing with one, two or even five vendors when planning your wedding. This could be a florist, wedding photographer or decorator for example.

One of the best things to keep in mind is to chat to your wedding vendors if you are looking for advice and recommendations. For example, a photographer may have attended a wedding that had beautiful flowers and they could put you in touch with them. Or, as they are heavily involved in the wedding industry, they may have heard of a wedding dress shop that has a current sale going on. Either way, it never hurts to ask.

4. Yes kids? No kids? – consistency is key

I have saved this one to last, just because it is a topic that comes up more often than not.

Are kids invited to the wedding?

In all honesty, I have attended both types of weddings and again, this comes down purely to a personal choice.

There is a line of thought that kids can be noisy and impact specific moments such as the ceremony. On the other hand, some couples have kids within the family and those of their closest friends in which they want them to be present on the day.

Wedding welcome sign - Sev's Weddings
Plan a day that will bring you joy.

Either way, whatever the decision is, be consistent. Yes, it is your day so the couple would be the ones making the call but to avoid confusion and any awkwardness, make sure you are consistent with the wedding attendees and try to decide earlier on. That way you will avoid last minute discussions and confusion.

Last but not least (this is not a tip but more of a request) have fun! It is not often you are surrounded by so many of your loved ones and those who are closest to you.

So, plan a day that will give you joy and memories for a lifetime.

For more information regarding planning a wedding or my wedding photography services, contact me at Sev’s Weddings.

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