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3 Signs You Chose the Right Wedding Photographer

While we know that planning a wedding, although hard, is one of the most exciting times a couple and their families can experience, looking back on the big day and reflecting is just as fun.

After all, you just created memories for a lifetime and you deserve to enjoy every moment of it.

One of my favourite parts about being a wedding photographer is staying in touch with the happy couples for years following their event. After all, to be chosen as their wedding photographer is a huge honour and one I really cherish.

Continuing the relationship also allows me to continue mastering my craft as I get to hear what parts they enjoyed the most and what they would possible do differently.

After collecting a lot of information over the years, today we are looking at three signs you chose the right photographer for your wedding.

The vibe and connection

In a previous blog, we looked at a number of things couples should look at when choosing a wedding photographer. We spoke about budget, examples of their work, and personality.

Their personality, or in other words, their vibe and how they make you feel is always a crucial one. Photos can be a little awkward at times, especially the staged ones.

If your photographer made you feel comfortable and all your family and friends felt the same, that is a very

Boy and girl at wedding
A wedding photographer should make the crowd feel comfortable.

good sign you chose the right photographer for your wedding.

The photo turnaround time

One of the most common questions and thoughts married couples have is when they will see their photos. There is no doubt many factors can impact the turnaround time. For example, if the wedding was at the beach and there is some extra editing required due to flies or the wind, the photographer may need some extra time editing.

The ongoing communication between the photographer and the couple ensures full transparency and management of expectations.

All that said a sneak peak of your photos is certainly an option I love. One of my favourites offers to couples is a seven-day sneak peek and also the same day sneak peak of five photos. I find it is a great way to ensure couples that they look great, it’s all working, and they can focus on having fun.

Wedding day photo
A photo sneak peek on the day is a great offer for couples.

Are they more than a photographer?

Taking part in many weddings over the years and being a part of such a great industry helped me realise that although I specialise in wedding photography and I love what I do, I also make sure to be there for the couple with any other advice and guidance I can provide.

This is not to say that a wedding photographer should also be in charge of making the cake and the flower arrangements. Not at all. It just means that if your wedding photographer was also able to help guide with other areas of the big day like recommend a DJ or other vendors, that is all added value that the experience can bring.

Last but not least, if your photographer was on time, ensured all the photos you wanted were taken and made sure all the crucial parts were captured, well, it’s a great sign you chose the right photographer for your wedding.

Furthermore, if you received the photos and they are as expected or beyond everything you imagined, it means you found that perfect match.

For any questions regarding wedding photography or other wedding advice, reach out to me at Sev’s Weddings and I would be honoured to help.

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