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How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer in Perth

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, whether you’ve been planning it for years or over the past few months. Either way, it’s still a day you will remember forever and with long lasting memories, come long lasting images.

Today we are looking at a number of tips to help you find the best wedding photographer in Perth. While there’s plenty more to chat about, here are three things to consider:

1. Are you a fan?

The first thing you want to be looking at are some work examples from past weddings. Everybody has a different taste and you want to find a photographer that matches yours. Can you imagine yourself in the pictures you’re looking at? If you don’t like the examples on display, you may want to continue the search. If you like the examples and can picture yourself and your partner in the images, it’s worth continuing the conversation.

2. Personality

As you are choosing someone you will be spending the day with and relying on them to deliver you memories that you are proud of, it is important you like their personality. Make sure you have a phone call with the potential photographer or even better, a face to face meeting to get a better understanding of who they are. At the end of the day, their personality will have an impact on you, your loved ones, and your photos. During your meeting, ask your photographer about their experience and prior to or after meeting them, make sure you do your research on them to get a better understanding of who they are.

3. Budget

You have an entire day to plan and split the budget accordingly. Everybody is different with different budgets and priorities so make sure that the pricing on offer is one you are comfortable with. During your research, you will find a large range of prices. Keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. It is highly recommended you pay close attention to the quality of work to make sure the memories that will be with you for a lifetime are ones you want to look through at every opportunity in the future.

Last but not least, don’t make a rushed decision. Meet with your photographer, see what they offer and take the time to make a decision you are comfortable with.

For further questions regarding choosing your wedding photographer, feel free to reach out at Sev’s Weddings with any questions.

Congrats and good luck.

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