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Beach Weddings in Perth – Here are Some Crucial Tips to Keep in Mind

There’s no doubt that a wedding on one of Perth’s beaches is a very tempting thought. After all, Perth and the South West of WA have some outstanding locations that can create some incredible memories on your special day.

All that said, here are a few things to consider if you decide on a beach wedding in Perth:

1. The Summer Winds

If you have decided to get married at the beach, make sure you have done some research regarding the wind patterns and what you can expect on the day of your wedding. Every beach is different so depending on your wedding location, the wind can have a large impact on your day. To picture this a little better, imagine the bride, walking down the aisle, and instead of taking that time to soak in an incredible atmosphere, the bride instead is trying to keep her hair out of her face. Even worse, the ceremony has started, and the hair is covering the entire face, creating a very uncomfortable scenario.

Yes, that is annoying but there’s a solution. If you are aware that the wind will be picking up during that time, make sure you and your bride or groom are both standing in positions where the wind will not impact the outcome.

2. The Positioning of the Sun

If you want the best wedding photo outcome, you will want to understand and consider how the sun will glare and bounce off the ocean. Also consider where the shadows are. If you happen to have a very strong sun on the day, you will likely be dealing with shadows on your faces. There are a few ways to fix that, for example repositioning the arbour to ensure the elimination of the shadows. Another option is considering a relocation to the other side of the beach as typically you may find less sun there and probably less wind but still a beautiful scene.

3. The Flies

Flies could be a major concern and it is a factor worth keeping in mind. If it’s a windy day, you may not have to worry about the flies but it is still a good idea to keep some fly spray at the wedding location, just in-case.

4. Your Guests

You may have some wedding guests who are sensitive to the sun so it is always a good idea to have some type of shade such as nearby tree or shade sails. All these can make it much more pleasant for your guests and as a result, a happier day.

Planning a wedding is not an easy task but it is important to remember that there’s a solution to every challenge you may be facing. Not only that, there are some great vendors out there who have many years of experience and are able to help create the day you have planned.

For any questions regarding wedding photography or tips for your wedding day, reach out at sev@sevspics or contact me via the website I would be honoured to assist.

Wishing you a great wedding day and all the best with all the planning.

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