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5 Really Romantic Proposal Locations – Perth Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer my mind is always focused on the ‘next best shot’, the picture that will feature in a living room for many years. After all, a wedding photographer’s job is to help create memories that will last for a lifetime.

But I also know that the wedding day, the guests, the venue, the emotions, are all an end result of months and sometimes years of planning. So, if the wedding in many ways is the end result, where does it all begin?

The wedding Proposal!

Taking part in many weddings over the years has allowed me to not only meet many couples but also their family and friends and a discussion topic I often find myself involved in is the proposals.

So, today we are looking at five ideal proposal locations, creating a great story to tell your family, friends, and perhaps your kids one day.

Important to mention, a wedding proposal needs to be yours. What does that mean? Well, don’t be pressured by stories, Hollywood movies, or expectations. This is your moment and as the groom or bride to be, create the story that works for you.

All that said, Perth certainly has no shortage of scenes, views, and beautiful locations so here are five of them you may want to check out:

Kings Park

All locals and tourists are familiar with Kings Park, making it a popular spot. So, why would anybody choose a crowded spot like that for a romantic proposal?

Well, Kings Park spreads across 400.6 hectares and with botanic gardens, water fountains, bridges, and miles of grass, you will find it has some incredible spots that allows a nice, quiet, and romantic proposal. Even better, planning it properly will allow a proposal with an incredible view.

The Beach

It is hard to talk about romantic proposals and not mention Perth beaches. In fact, combining the beach with the sunset, some would say is the ultimate result. Of course, if you are looking to propose at the beach while the sun is setting, you may want to make sure you have some lighting with you. A sandbag path on the beach battery candles could do the trick.

It is hard to name all the beaches but Cottesloe, Coogee, North Beach and many others all have some nice quiet locations and would make a great setting.

You may want to consider asking a friend for some assistance with the logistics of it but the beach is one that is certainly worth keeping in mind.

The Hills

If you are more the mountain, hills, and views type, Perth Hills could be the ideal place for your proposal. Again, it would be hard to name them all but if you look at John Forrest Reserve or the area of Mundaring, you have endless mountains, lakes, waterfalls and walking trails to choose from.

The weather in the hills can vary so it is worth keeping an eye on it and knowing what to expect on the day.

The Restaurants

Perth has no shortage of romantic restaurants and ideal places for the ‘would you marry me’ moment. In fact, planning it ahead of time with the restaurant of choice, you will notice most places have past experience and will help you with the big moment.

As we said, there are no shortage of restaurants and certainly worth looking at places in Fremantle, Scarborough and the many other dining options around Perth

The Wineries

In many ways, it feels like Perth was created for happy moments like proposals. It really is a good explanation to the many options it offers.

Perth is surrounded by wineries and while the South West of WA is ideal for proposals, if you are looking for something closer, you may want to look at Swan Valley – an incredible location with many romantic opportunities.

The best way to find the perfect spot is probably by starting with a search on the Swan Valley website. You will fast realise that the options are endless.

Over the years I’ve had the honour of not only taking part in many weddings but also assisting with proposals and plans so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out at Sev’s Weddings.

Finally, the wedding proposal is your moment so have fun and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

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