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Beautiful Wedding Photo Locations in Fremantle – Tips from a Perth Wedding Photographer

One of my favourite discussions with newly engaged couples or those planning their wedding is the photoshoot location.

In fact, as a wedding photographer, there’s no greater satisfaction than finding the perfect opportunity and spot for a memorable photo.

In second thoughts, there is one other greater satisfaction. That would be delivering the photos to happy couples and watching their face light up with happiness.

One of my favourite photo locations happens to be in an area that to put lightly, has something for everybody.

Today we are looking at a number of great spots for wedding photos in Fremantle.

Did we mentioned something for everybody?

Well, when you are a port city that has markets, pubs, museums and beaches, one is likely to find a picture location that would suit their taste.

And with a population of just over 30 thousand, one thing is for sure, Fremantle will always offer something.

Personally, when I’m on a wedding photo shoot or an engagement shoot, I have a particular route that I take my clients on. One that offers great lighting, different scenes, backgrounds, and most important, the right vibes for the happy couple.

Photo locations in Fremantle

The E Shed Markets

If you planned a visit to Fremantle (referred to as Freo by the locals) you may have heard of the E Shed Markets.

Not to be confused with the Fremantle Markets (although that too is a great location) the E Shed Markets is a weekend market, located in the Fremantle harbour.

Constructed in 1929, the beautiful location doesn’t just offer a lesson of history and beauty. It also has a great modern atmosphere that creates an ideal photo shoot.

You have all the backgrounds and the serenity to simply create beautiful photos.

Maritime Museum and Surroundings

While I don’t typically take photos inside the museum (although never say never) the museum surroundings are absolutely stunning. If you are yet to visit, you may want to take the time to take in the beauty of the water and the background that creates beautiful pictures.

And the best part, the beauty of the area guarantees smiles in the photos so in reality, you can’t go wrong.

Esplanade Park

If all we said was 100 mature Norfolk Island pines, that would likely be enough to imagine great photos. Add in features such as a Ferris wheel, skate park, cafes and hundreds of meters of green lawn and you have yourself a prime photo spot.

As a wedding photographer in Perth and the Southwest of WA, the enjoyment I get from taking part in weddings is too hard to describe.

When perfect photoshoot locations like Fremantle are in our backyard, it makes my job a lot easier. Every time I leave my home, I know a beautiful spot is in reach.

If you have any questions regarding wedding or engagement photos in Fremantle, feel free to reach out to me at Sev’s Weddings and I would be honoured to help.

Congratulations and wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

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