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Did You Hire The Right Perth Wedding Photographer?

Overwhelming is no doubt the feeling many brides and grooms get when planning there wedding.

After all, so many details to consider – the flowers, the bridal party and of course, the photographer.

As a wedding photographer I have seen how overwhelming planning a wedding can get so today we are looking at a topic I often talk to my clients about; how do you know you hired the right photographer, or in other words, what signs should you look for to ensure you don’t hire the wrong one?

Here are three signs I would recommend looking out for

Are you a match?

This is a detail that many don’t consider but the difference between a match and a mismatch when it comes to your wedding photographer could result in the difference between good photos and terrible ones.

So, it is important that when searching for your wedding photographer you find someone who matches your personality.

If possible, it is highly recommended you meet them face-to-face prior to the wedding. If that isn’t possible, a zoom call or a phone call is also an option.

At the end of the day, if your personalities don’t match, it is likely to impact you on the day and you certainly don’t want that.

Also, your wedding day is exciting but can involve a few stressful and intense moments. During those times, it is crucial you have a friendly face behind the camera.

Is it you or them they want to please?

Prior to the day, when interacting with the photographer, see how open they are to your ideas and thoughts. Many brides and grooms have some ideas of pictures and moments they want to capture. If a photographer is more interested in their own way rather than what the bride and groom want, that is a red signal.

Some photographers can be a little rude, get bored and some are simply not creative.

My advice would be not to shy away from asking questions. Find out everything you can about your photographer, their experience, and services.

You! Just you and every detail

When you hire a wedding photographer, you need them to capture every detail of your personality, your family, and your friends.

So, it’s not just important that you know the photographer, but it is crucial that they know you, what you like, and what will make you and your guests happy.

The best way to know if you are about to hire the right photographer for your wedding is by asking them for a full album gathering. Meaning, ask to see an example of a wedding they did from start to finish.

That will allow you to not only see an example of their work but allow you to raise any questions and points you would like to discuss.

Remember, at the end of the day this is your wedding so you shouldn’t feel bad about asking the questions and making sure you are about to hire the right person to capture memories for a lifetime.

For any further information or if you have any questions regarding wedding photography, contact me at Sev’s Weddings, I would be honoured to help.

Wishing you all the best for your big day.

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