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Do I Need a Videographer for my Perth Wedding

One of the most common dilemmas couples face when planning a wedding relates to photography and videography of the big day. In fact, one of the most popular questions I have heard over the years is: “do you recommend we also get a videographer?” That is a great question and to help you make the best decision, today we are looking at why you should have both a photographer and videographer at your wedding.

The Wedding Photographer

Having a photographer at your wedding allows you to capture all the moments that you get to then look back on through albums and relive the specific moment it was taken. A photographer will capture those memorable shots and will be with you from the very first moment until the very last, leaving you memories for a lifetime.

The Wedding Videographer

While having pictures and images is great for the home walls and the albums you will look back at over the years, having a videographer allows you to connect to the emotions and travel back in memory lane to the incredible serenity of the day. Picture this, your photographer has arrived, and they are capturing some fantastic moments throughout the day of yourselves, the guests, the venue, and much more. But even though the photos are great, you want to relive the background noise, the music, the laughs, and the joy.

A picture says a thousand words but a video, capturing the sound, the movement, the vows, the exchange of rings – those moments are priceless and ones you would want to relive. Why you should hire a photographer and a videographer A picture will help you remember the moment but a video will help you relive the moment, place yourself there, and reconnect to the happiest day of your life. Taking part in many weddings in Perth and the South West of WA over the years has allowed me to witness some incredible moments at some unforgettable locations. That’s why, when I get asked, I always highly recommend having both a photographer and a videographer at your wedding. It simply allows you to capture everything. If you are looking for more wedding tips and any advice regarding wedding photography and videography, reach out at Sev’s Weddings and I would be honoured to help.

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