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A fly in your favourite wedding photo, what now? Perth Wedding Photography

Congrats! You had an incredible wedding day, it all went to plan, and you had an amazing party with your loved ones. Things are starting to settle down from the big day and then the moment you’ve been waiting for happens – your pictures arrive from your wedding photographer. The photos captured everything you hoped for but all of a sudden, in your favourite photo that you planned to frame for the wall, you notice a fly. “It’s just a fly” some would say, but to you it’s a lot more than that and rightfully so. So, what happens now? Do you settle? Do you frame that favourite picture and think about that fly every time you walk past it? Perhaps smile when family or friends come over and ask you if you had noticed there was a fly in that picture on your wall? There’s a solution As a wedding photographer, nothing is more important to me then couples loving the moments I captured from their big day. My goal is to produce those photos that you would want to look through at every opportunity, show your friends, and have them feature on your house walls. So, if you are looking through your wedding photos and happen to notice a foreign object, I would highly recommend contacting your photographer and asking them if it is possible to re-edit that specific photo. Personally, one of the reasons my editing at times may take a little longer is to ensure every detail in your wedding photos is taken care of. If there’s flies in every image, it is unlikely they would all be edited out but if there’s a certain picture you are looking at and want edited, I would happily edit the image to the very last detail. Of course, flies are only one example and a good one, since they do tend to show up at events, but other things you may notice in one of your wedding photos is perhaps some dust on your suit that shouldn’t be there or a pimple that decided to show up on your wedding day. These are all points that you could chat to your wedding photographer about. It is your wedding and you deserve to be happy and proud of your photos. If you have any questions regarding wedding photography in Perth and the South West, please feel free to reach out at Sev’s Wedding. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness

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