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How to Negotiate Prices with a Perth Wedding Photographer

Previously we looked at the cost of a wedding photographer in Perth. Since publishing that blog, I’ve had many enquiries regarding prices and packages.

Specifically, many are looking to understand what impacts the pricing and if prices are negotiable.

In short, when planning a wedding, many things are negotiable. That said, it is highly recommended that instead of looking for the note or print that shows 20% discount, instead, make sure to understand the service or product received for the amount paid.

The Starting Point

When it comes to planning a wedding, it is fairly common that approximately 10% of the budget is dedicated to the photographer.

Keeping those numbers in mind will help plan the big day and help choose the right photographer.

The wedding packages

Most wedding photographers tend to have a number of packages that the bride and groom can choose from. This allows the couple to find the best match for the big day.

In most cases, the most notable differences would be the timeframe the photographer would spend at the event.

For example, some couples want the entire day to be captured. Others are looking to capture the ceremony and family photos.

The time a wedding photographer spends at the event would be the biggest dollar factor.

What you need vs what you want

A great starting point is creating a list of what is needed vs what would be nice to have. Once those lists are created, the decision will be a lot easier.

For example, a couple may decide they need the ceremony captured but will have a friend capture the reception and party. So, booking the photographer would be for a shorter period.

What is important

When planning a wedding, at times there are many people involved, therefore many opinions. It is strongly advised that the couple getting married figure out what is important to them on the day.

Negotiating prices with a wedding photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is typically determined by a few factors, including budget and the personality of the photographer.

Finding a wedding photographer that matches the couple’s personality is crucial.

After all, photos at times can be a little awkward and finding a photographer that makes you feel comfortable is important.

The better you get along, the better the photos.

In-fact, when interviewing wedding photographers and looking for one that would be the best fit for the day, place an emphasis on their personality. Finding someone who connects well is a great indicator.

Once the personality is a match make sure to look at their portfolio.

If the vibe received is a positive one and if the work examples are good, then it would be time to chat about prices.

To be more specific, ask the photographer regarding everything that is included in the packages and if any extras are offered. You will find that even if you don’t hear the words ‘20% discount’ the extras that are offered as part of the service are worth it and could result in a great deal.

Last but not least, keep the communication open. Choosing a wedding photographer is not easy so it is recommended to take all the necessary time to ensure the right one is booked. It's your big day, don't leave any stone unturned and don't be afraid to ask the hard questions.

For any further questions regarding wedding photography, feel free to reach out to me at Sev’s Weddings.

All the best with the search and wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

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