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Best Outdoor Wedding Tips from a Wedding Photographer in Perth

As a wedding photographer in Perth and the South West of WA, it is hard not to get excited about some of the incredible outdoor locations our state has to offer.

But having an outdoor wedding may raise a few questions and certainly requires a number of logistical steps to be in place.

Today we are looking at some outdoor wedding tips to consider that will guarantee your wedding photographer gets those perfect shots.

The Hair VS The Wind

Whether you choose to get married at the beach, a forest, on a hill, or anywhere else in the open, you may notice a strong wind, and as a result, your hair may be covering your eyes and face, standing in the way of the perfect wedding shot.

One thing you would want to consider is going to the wedding location a week prior to your big day and having a look at the conditions – where the sun is, what time it sets, and what the wind conditions are.

Even though conditions may change in a week, this will give you a great indication and some ideas for the day. If you found a spot or location that you or your photographer think will create a great image, don’t let the wind impact that decision. If your wedding day is windy, one thing you want to be sure to do during the photos is face the wind. That way, the hair won’t cover your face and you will spend more time looking at the camera rather than trying to fix your hair.

The Shade and the Sun

To ensure you have the perfect wedding shots, you want to have consistency when it comes to the sun and shade. That means, if it’s a sunny day you would want to avoid wedding shots where the sun is peaking through the trees, creating patches and unwanted shadows. If the day is overcast, that is not a problem, otherwise, I would recommend an open space or consistency in the shade. Of course, this is only a recommendation. If there’s an image you have dreamed of taking, have a chat to your photographer and no doubt you will find some great options.

Last but not least. It’s your wedding day so enjoy it. Your family and friends are there to celebrate an unforgettable moment.

If you have any questions regarding wedding photography for your big day, feel free to reach out at Sev’s Weddings.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together

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