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Weddings in Dunsborough, Western Australia – Here’s What You Need to Know

I would love to call Dunsborough a hidden secret, but it’s hard to remain a secret when you are one of the most beautiful places for weddings in Western Australia.

Located 254 kilometres from Perth, Dunsborough does not only offer beauty, but a great character to go with it.

So, what is it about Dunsborough that creates the perfect location for weddings?

Some would say it’s the combination of a beach town and fresh air while others would say, it is simply a place that has everything to offer; beaches, cafes, restaurants, and function venues.

Most important, Dunsborough is a town that is built for weddings so whatever it is you need, you can be sure Dunsborough has it.

Here are some tips to help you with your Dunsborough wedding:

The Beaches

A beach wedding is certainly a common choice when it comes to getting married in the southwest of WA. While some may think that it’s just a matter of finding a nice spot on the beach and exchanging vows, it is important to keep in mind that all weddings in open spaces including beaches need to be approved through a booking. As Dunsborough is in the Busselton shire, reservations can easily be made through calling (08) 9781 0383 or emailing Further information can be found on the City of Busselton website.

As we said, Dunsborough certainly offers some stunning beaches and as a wedding photographer that loves Dunsborough, a number of beaches I would recommend to check out are Meelup Beach, Eagle Bay, and Castle Rock. While these are extremely popular, there are many more locations that I would happily recommend. In fact, I personally love some of the quieter beaches.

Wedding Venues

While we already mentioned the beaches, Dunsborough and the region has plenty more to offer. In-fact, a popular choice many couples go with is holding the ceremony indoors or at a winery and taking their wedding photos at a nearby beach.

You may have already heard of venues such as Meelup Farm House, Wills Domain, Chandelier’s on Abbey. Each venue is unique and it very much depends what it is you are looking for but either way, here are a few questions to ask the venue that will likely help you decide:

1 – Are we allowed to bring in live music?

2 – What are the hours that the event will run?

3 – Is there another event the day before us? (some like to know if there are any possible delays to having your wedding go ahead).

4 – Is alcohol part of the menu or can we bring our own? (some venues allow you to do that and save you a fair bit of money).

5 – If we have a decorator for the day are we allowed to come in earlier and decorate?

6 – Will the venue be closed on the day of the function? (always good to make sure the public can’t just walk into your event). Some venue close the restaurant area but have the cellar doors still open for the public.

What to See

We already mentioned the beaches and wineries, but Dunsborough and the surroundings have plenty more. If you happen to have families with young children or guests from overseas, you may want to take them to the sunflower animal farm (30 minute drive from Dunsborough) to feed kangaroos or for a drive on the coast to see the breathtaking views.

Most Important

Every wedding couple is different so no matter what you have heard or what works for other people, be sure to do what works for you. After all, it is your day.

If you have any further questions regarding Weddings in Dunsborough, reach out to me at Sev’s Weddings and would be happy to help.

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