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Weddings in Swan Valley – Here’s What You Need To Know

It wouldn’t be fair to chat and write about weddings without mentioning Swan Valley.

30 minutes from Perth City lays one of WA’s most popular wine and tourist destinations.

What has this got to do with planning a wedding?

Well, I am often approached by couples planning their wedding, wanting to get my opinion on ideas for their wedding location.

Of course, as mentioned in a number of my previous blogs, choosing a wedding location is a very personal decision.

That said, if you are looking for an incredible location that offers both beauty and character, you found it.

Swan Valley has both, and much more.

So, today we are looking at a few tips to consider when looking at Swan Valley as your wedding location.

The location

I mentioned the Swan Valley region to be a comfortable 30 minutes from Perth. But apart from that convenience, the region is built for guests, tourism, and most importantly, weddings.

It wasn’t too long ago that Swan Valley celebrated 180 years of winemaking.

In-fact Swan valley is the home to the oldest vineyards in Western Australia.

That amount of history and experience is why Swan Valley is known for producing great events.

As a wedding photographer in Perth, I love taking part in Swan Valley weddings.

I simply like the fact that I know the happy couple will end up with incredible photos.

If you are considering Swan Valley as an option for your wedding, the best place to start would be from the Swan Valley Website

Wedding Locations in Swan Valley

With over 40 wineries, it is always hard to choose a favourite wedding location in Swan Valley.

Some of the famous names include Mandoon Estate, Mulberry Estate, and Caversham House.

Each of these and many more offer a variety of functions, menus, and scenery.

But the best part, Swan Valley is extremely experienced with weddings so no matter what place you choose, you will be looked after.

Things to do in Swan Valley

Although only a short drive from Perth, many do choose to stay in Swan Valley, and doing so is no mistake.

While wineries, cafes, and restaurants is one thing, the valley also has a chocolate factory, water parks, golf courses, wildlife parks, day spas, and museums.

It is also a great opportunity to experience Aboriginal culture workshops that include bush tucker cooking and Aboriginal art sessions.

It's also a great opportunity to learn about the aboriginal history and culture.

This means that if you are on your own or with a family, Swan Valley offers something for everybody.

Accommodation in Swan Valley

The region is equipped with just about any style of accommodation possible.

You will be able to choose between hotels, resorts, caravan parks, farm stays, a variety or bed & breakfast, and many Airbnb options.

Most places would fit crowds from two people to large groups.

If you are however planning for a bigger group to all stay in one place it is advised to book ahead of time.

Remember, Swan Valley offers fresh country air and is far from the hustle of the city but is a popular location.

If you have any questions regarding weddings or a wedding photographer, feel free to reach out to me at Sev’s Weddings. I would be honoured to help.

All the best with the planning and wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

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