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What Camera Should A Wedding Photographer In Perth Use?

Cameras have changed drastically over the years, to a point where many couples when looking for a wedding photographer ask me if I would recommend also using a polaroid or disposable cameras at their wedding in addition to a photographer with a digital camera. Today we are looking at what would be the better camera to use at a wedding and what will deliver you the best wedding photos.

Before however we dive into the difference in use and outcome, the answer I typically provide is, why not use both. After all, I have never met a couple who have suggested they had too many photos taken at their wedding.

Over the years, I have seen weddings using all options or just one. I have been at weddings where the bride and groom have hired a photographer and in addition, each table has had a disposable camera for the guests to take photos and capture the wedding from their eyes. So, there’s no right or wrong, it all comes down to what you are looking for. Let’s take a look at the different options The Digital Camera These days, the digital camera is the perfect option for weddings as digital cameras have no downtime, allowing the wedding photographer to capture every moment. Not only that, but the photographer will also be able to see immediately if the photo taken was a successful one or if that is a photo they should capture again. As we know, weddings have specific moments where you only have one photo opportunity such as the ceremony kiss and if that opportunity is missed, that would not be good.

The Polaroid

The polaroid camera is a popular one for wedding photo booths. The guests love it and it is no doubt a great addition for the wedding. Some wedding photographers also offer polaroid photos as part of their service. They are great fun. The only problem is, with polaroid cameras, you take a photo, then you have to wait until it dries, you need to place it somewhere, and during this time, the photographer will likely be missing great photo opportunities. So again, these cameras are a great add-on to the wedding but perhaps more suitable for a photo booth on the day.

The Film Camera

Some couples may prefer their photographer to use film and film can certainly capture incredible images but keep in mind that film needs to be changed and if your photographer is changing the film, it is possible they will miss a crucial moment. Also, you don’t want your photographer trying to ‘save the click’ for the perfect shot. You want them capturing everything.

As we said, this does not mean you only have to choose one option for your day. Some photographers may offer both options and could change throughout the day. For example, the ceremony may be in digital and the bridal party photos may be on film. I hope the following has helped you not only better understand the different options but allow you to discuss them with your wedding photographer.

If you have any questions regarding a photographer for your wedding, reach out at Sev’s weddings, it would be an honour to assist in guiding you.

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