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What Does My Wedding Photographer Need – Perth Wedding Tips

One of the questions I often get asked by brides and grooms prior to their wedding is if there’s anything that I, the wedding photographer needs before the big day.

That is a great question, simply because the answer to that can be the difference between a great wedding photo shoot and one that is disorganised and a little stressful.

Here are the two things you should provide your wedding photographer to guarantee a great day:

The breakdown of your wedding day

As your wedding photographer, I want to make sure that I can plan every detail on my end around your big day, so having the breakdown of your day that includes times, places and phone numbers would be ideal. Phone numbers is a crucial one, just in case I need to reach you, but as you likely won’t have your phone on you during your wedding day, providing me with the contact details of your bridal party and parents would be great. My goal is to help you create an unforgettable day so having these details would ensure that.

The family picture list

It is rare to have a day where so many of your loved ones are in one place, so this would be a great opportunity to capture pictures of your family that will stay with you forever. To make sure nothing is missed, you would want to have a detailed list of the family pictures you would like your photographer to take. As you may have a lot of family members, my recommendation would be to first focus on the grandparents and older generation. This will allow them to take part in the family photos and to than have a seat while the rest of the photos take place.

There’s a number of other tips and tricks to guarantee a smooth family photo shoot so if you have any questions regarding your wedding day and wedding photographer, reach out at Sev’s Weddings, always happy to chat.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and congratulations on your big day.

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