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When Should I Book My Wedding Photographer – Perth Weddings Tips

Planning a wedding is an exciting time for the happy couple and their family and friends.

And while planning the big day is not the easiest of tasks, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your wedding day is the one you always wanted.

Today we are looking at how far in advance you should book your wedding photographer in Perth, Western Australia.

Typically, the further out your wedding day is, the less rush you are in. It is fairly common to begin planning a wedding within one or two years from the actual date, giving the bride and groom time to have everything in place and giving all the guests plenty of advanced notice.

With that in mind, from years of wedding photography and taking part in these incredible occasions, here’s how I recommend you should address the planning of the big day.

Firstly, once you have decided on the date, the number one thing you would want to do is secure a venue. Once you have done that, you would want to start looking for a wedding photographer, celebrant, and a DJ, as they will play a big part in your day. You may want to look at a number of other vendors such as wedding planners and florists.

Booking a Wedding Photographer

When it comes to booking your wedding photographer, you would want to have a budget in mind and perhaps an idea of what kind of photographer you are looking for.

If you have found one you really like, its time to take that first step of getting in-touch and begin the interview process.

If you think your wedding is too far out I would recommend you sill get in-touch just incase that particular wedding photographer is booked out a long time in advance.

After all, if you have been following this photographer for a long time and certain you would like to have them at your wedding, it would be a shame to miss out.

Although some couples may even change their date according to when their favourite photographer is available that is not something you would want to rely on.

If you have set a date, get in-touch with your potential photographer as soon as possible because in reality, the best photographers get booked out years in advance.

If the photographer is not yet taking bookings for the year of your wedding, it is recommended to ask them if you could be placed on a notification list so you are contacted when bookings open.

Ask about the price

During that initial conversation, even though they may not be taking bookings for your time frame just yet, it is worth asking them regarding any expected price change.

Depending on the photographer, you will find that some tend to change their prices on a yearly basis. That said, it never hurts to ask if they would be able to charge the same amount they are currently charging.

Planning a wedding and finding a wedding photographer who will capture your day is no doubt exciting but can get a little confusing, so for any further questions feel free to contact me and I would be honoured to help.

Wishing you all the best for your big day.

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