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Why You Don’t Need A Wedding Photographer – Perth Wedding Tips

Firstly, allow me to say that not only am I in love with my wedding photography career, but with weddings in general.

Watching two people commit to a lifetime together goes way above any level of happiness I could imagine. As a wedding photographer, documenting those moments is an incredible honour.

I do however at times get asked and I also see the question often pop up in online conversations – people wondering if they really need a wedding photographer for their big day.

After all, the quality of phones these days, combined perhaps with a friend with a camera may just do the job.

My answer?

No. You need a photographer.

Without going too deep into language discussion, the word need implies a thought that one must have.

In that case, when I do get asked the question, I always recommend replacing the word need with want.

Allow me to explain further.

In-fact, as wedding planning is likely not something you do very often, let’s use a different example to better align the thoughts.

Shoes. The pair you are wearing may be just fine but you happen to be at the shops one day and notice a pair that, put simply, look great and even further, would look great on you.

Did you need the shoes? No.

Did you want them because they would give you comfort, the company making them are experts and know how to produce a great product? Yes.

So, similar to shoes, here’s not why you need a wedding photographer for your wedding but want one.

A once in a lifetime

Whether you have been planning your wedding for two weeks or two years, it’s a big day, an important moment, and one you will remember for a long time.

It is days like this where even though you may have a talented friend or a good phone, hiring a wedding photographer to capture your day is one of the best decisions you will make. After all, the goal is to do it once and do it good. Minimal risks.

The expertise and guarantee

One of the best things about hiring a wedding photographer is not just the guarantee that the event will be documented. Professional wedding photographers simply know where to stand, where to be, and how to position themselves to ensure the incredible moments are captured.

Not only that, hiring a professional photographer means you will be receiving professional photos. That means no heads in the middle of pictures or thumbs covering the lenses.

The future

Needless to say, that having photos you are happy with will ensure you are proud to share and display them. Hiring a professional wedding photographer means you will really look forward to sharing them for many generations to come.

What to keep in mind

In one of my previous blogs, I chatted about the cost of a wedding photographer in Perth.

No doubt that weddings these days can be costly.

Numbers show that typically 10% of a wedding budget is dedicated to the photographer, a number worth keeping in mind.

Another point worth noting, when choosing a photographer for the big day, make sure the personality is a match to what you are looking for.

Finding the right photographer can have a massive impact on the photos.

The more you get along with your photographer, the more comfortable you will feel and the better the photos will be.

For any further information regarding wedding photography, reach out to me at Sev’s Weddings, I would be honoured to help.

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