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A Beach Wedding vs An Indoor Venue

Updated: Jun 16, 2021


You just got engaged and you are about to start planning one of the happiest days of your life.

As a wedding photographer, I love meeting couples during their planning stage and hear how they envision their day.

After all, no matter how many weddings I have taken part in over the years, two weddings are never the same. That’s because two couples are never the same and one thing I always tell couples is to ensure they do what works for them.

A dilemma I often hear couples chat about and consider is the venue. After all, the venue is a crucial part of the wedding and very much sets the tone for the occasion.

One specific question couples often ask me is what I would recommend if I could choose between a beach wedding vs an indoor venue.

So, today we are looking at a number of pros and cons for both, with the hope that it will help couples make a final decision.

By the way, this is not to say that you can’t combine both ideas, for example a ceremony at the beach and reception at a venue. That said, here are a number of things to consider.

The Beach

In a place like Western Australia, it’s hard not to consider the beach as a great option. After all, we are incredibly fortunate to have beautiful beaches. And who doesn’t want a beautiful wedding with the perfect backdrop.

Here’s what to consider for a beach wedding:

We already mentioned that a beautiful beach creates the perfect scene. And the perfect scene creates happiness.

Not only that, the beach also often creates the more relaxed environment. In-fact many who choose to get married at the beach often do so barefoot, creating a fun and comfortable moment.

When it comes to photos, in good weather and when the conditions are right the pictures are outstanding. A beach wedding is an opportunity to capture the combination of incredible views and people at the same time.

A beach wedding - Sev's Weddings
Beach weddings can be incredible - Mullaloo Beach, WA.

That said, while I have taken part in a number of incredible beach weddings I am committed to telling couples about the risks involved. Some beaches, especially on a very hot day also means many flies. This can have an impact on both the guests and of course, the photos. In a previous blog I spoke about what happens if there’s a fly in a favourite wedding photo, however, in some beaches and some cases it is too hard to control.

When it comes to the weather, it’s fairly hard to predict specific changes. Even if we know it won’t be too hot or too cold, there are a number of other things to consider. The wind for example is an important one. The wind can result in sand flying in faces and also the pictures, if the bride needs to hold on to her veil. While in specific photos we can position the bride and groom where they are not impacted as much by the wind, it can still be uncomfortable.

That said, as I mentioned, if a beach wedding is what the bride and groom want, there are certainly ways to make it work.

The Indoor Venue

Indoor venues are an extremely popular wedding option and can include wineries, halls and other locations. That said, indoor venues also have some pros and cons that are worth considering.

Indoor venue - Sev's Weddings
Beautiful smiles on a beautiful day

A wedding in an indoor venue means that the weather won’t change the plans and the day. Venues typically have an event manager meaning that many of the details of the day will be taken care of for you. This can include food, drinks and the setting. It also ensures that all those attending are likely to be comfortable. This refers to the elderly who attend the event.

An indoor venue is likely to be more accessible and comfortable for all.

That said, while an indoor venue is a great option, in many cases it likely requires a bigger budget, if you are planning for the event to include a meal and drinks.

It also means that you may be restricted to a specific time, one that fits the venues schedule.

I hope this helps plan your special day.

For any further questions regarding weddings or wedding photography, contact me at Sev’s Weddings, I would be honoured to help.

Wishing you all the best and a lifetime of happiness.

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