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Little Touches Make a Massive Difference - Unique Wedding Ideas

If we’ve met in the past and had the opportunity to chat about weddings, you may have heard me numerous times say that your wedding day is yours. And, with no disrespect to family, friends and other opinions I truly mean it.

I say that because planning a wedding can sometimes be an emotional roller-coaster and it is easy to get caught up in the emotions of trying to please everybody.

So, even though my profession is a wedding photographer, I feel like it is my responsibility to help wherever else possible. That includes reminding brides and grooms that their wedding is about them and they shouldn’t worry too much about external opinions.

I do mention the above a lot because a topic I am very passionate about is helping couples make their wedding unique. Now, let me start off by saying that every wedding as it is, is already unique. After all, every person is different, and every couple is different so no weddings will ever be the same.

That said, couples often do ask me if there’s any small details I would recommend that would make their day even more unique.

So today we are looking at some details that can really have an impact on your wedding day.

Who is attending?

If you have chosen to get married surrounded by your family, that may also include the grandparents. Now, with so much going on and the build-up to the big day, this may be a little easy to miss but when it comes to weddings, there’s typically nobody more excited than the grandparent watching their grandchild on their special day.

So, if your grandparents are attending, there are a few things you could do. One option is to involve them in the ceremony, perhaps have them read a short piece. The other is to simply surprise them with a small gift that you made them for the day. One idea is a personalised handkerchief with the date and wedding details on it. Not only is that a great way to show how much you cherish them but a great memory for them to keep from the big day.

kids at a wedding
Always a special moment when the kids are involved

If it is young children such as nieces or nephews attending the wedding, you could have them take part in a small role during the service or reception. This could include walking down the aisle as flower girls or holding the rings. It can also include many other ideas such as including them in a dance or simply having them dressed in a special outfit for the big day.

The wedding theme

If couples do or don’t have a specific theme for their wedding that is great. We already said it, it's your day so any idea can work. Theme could mean a colour theme like coral - having all certain things on the day match such as flowers, bridesmaids’ dresses and the invites. It can also mean having a modern theme, a vintage theme or a casual theme. In reality, it also means you could have a Star Wars themed wedding if you wanted to. I say Star Wars because the sky really is the limit. As long as the bride and groom are happy, everything else will be great.

Wedding Photography
Your wedding day is about you

While thinking about themes, you’re not alone. In a number of my past blogs I mentioned vendors as a crucial part of a wedding day. If there’s something specific you had in mind for your wedding day theme, you are likely to find it. If not, feel free to reach out to me and I would happily try to assist.

The wedding photographer

In an earlier video I spoke about how to find your wedding photographer. I say your photographer because a bride and groom should not have to fit the photographer. The opposite. The photographer needs to be the right fit for the bride and groom. Firstly, a bride and groom should always find a photographer that gives them the right vibe. Once that is done, I always advise to ask the photographer what ideas they may have that are unique. This could simply include a great photo location that the photographer may know of. Either way, it’s worth asking. Who knows, that one photo may be the one you love so much that you end up hanging it in your living room.

Unique wedding shot
Let the weddings shots tell your story

Who are you

Since the entire day is about the bride and groom, involving your personal story and details in the day is always an option. This could be done through the wedding invites when telling the story of how you met

or can be with the colours on the day that have certain importance to you. If your wedding includes a sit-down meal, naming each table with something of importance to you is also a great option. You may want to name them the places you have travelled together or other names that may be significant to you.

The food and drink

While certain venues have a set menus, some locations allow the bride and groom to plan their wedding menu. As you are likely to have wedding guests who have travelled to attend the special day, this could be a great opportunity to give them a taste of the local food and drinks.

Having a menu that includes local products can be a great addition to the special day and introduce the guests to the local tastes.

While there’s plenty more to chat about, I hope this blog has helped provide you some information when planning your wedding. For any questions regarding wedding photography or wedding planning, feel free to reach out to me at Sev’s Weddings.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

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