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4 Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Locations in Perth, Western Australia

Naturally as humans, when thinking about things to do and places to see we tend to at times overlook our own ‘backyard’.

The same can be said for when planning a wedding ceremony.

In a number of our previous blogs, we looked at wedding locations in Fremantle, Dunsborough, and Swan Valley, while providing tips that will help create the perfect day.

Since then, I had a number of couples reach out asking for advice about wedding ceremony locations in Perth City. And, that is not only a good point, but a great reminder of how lucky we are to have Perth as a wedding location option.

As a wedding photographer in Perth, I have had the opportunity to not only take part in many weddings over the years, but a great honour in helping couples plan and create the best day.

So, today we are looking at four great wedding ceremony locations in Perth.

And remember, these are only four of many options so feel free to contact me for any advice regarding others I did not mention in this blog.

Firstly, the wedding ceremony location or venue very much depends on a personal choice. That choice will also impact the hiring price, and guest numbers.

Either way, if you have found a ceremony location in Perth City, the first step would be going to the City of Perth Website and filling in the Wedding Enquiry Form

4 Beautiful Wedding ceremony locations in Perth City

Queens Gardens

Open since 1899, Queens gardens is easily one of the most peaceful and beautifully designed parks in Perth. The manicured gardens and lakes turn this place in to an ideal wedding location. If you are considering Queens Gardens as the place of choice it is worth knowing that the guest list would need to be a maximum of 100 people. That said, the magical location has bathrooms, nearby parking, trees for shade, and a stunning atmosphere.

Kings Park

Although booking for kings park would be done in a separate website it would be foolish to write a blog about Wedding locations in Perth and not mention one of the most stunning place as an option. Kings Park – one of Perth’s most famous landmarks, the 400.6 hectare park has gardens, bridges, pavilions, ponds and of course, stunning views.

Kings Park in Perth
kings Park is one of the many wedding location options in Perth, WA

If couples are considering Kings Park as a wedding option, the best place to start would be venue hire page on the park’s website.

Council House Gardens

The colourful flowers and green lawns create a great setup for wedding ceremonies for those looking for a park in the centre of Perth. The gardens are also close to Elizabeth Quay and the river, giving couple a great opportunity for some incredible photos. Upon filling out the wedding enquiry form, those booking the venue will also have the option to hire power for the event if needed.

Harold Boas Gardens

This wedding ceremony location is a great one for nature lovers. While it has a number of areas to choose from for the ceremony, couples and their guests will be able to enjoy the relaxing sound of a waterfall while also having the options to use benches, and even a playground if entertaining kids is a requirement. The location is not far from Kings Park so it is fair to say, the photos will be stunning.

While 4 location were mentioned above, Perth has many more and certainly something for everybody.

For more information regarding weddings or wedding photography, reach out to me as Sev’s Weddings.

It would be an honour to help.

Wishing you a lifetime of happy moment and memories.

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